Fanfic – When the Past Comes to Light
Following the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider
- Translated by LARA CROFT NA


The fanfic that can be read next starts exactly at the end of Rise of the Tomb Raider and is a sequel of the game's story. Everything was written so as to respect every HQ launched, every game and document found in games. Throughout the story there will be references to documents, games and HQs that will be properly marked and explained so that everyone can understand. It's needless to say that everything from here contains SPOILERS of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It's recommended not to read this fanfic without knowing the game's story. If you want to watch it (or to watch it again) click HERE to watch all the cutscenes. It is advised everyone to watch (or to watch it once more) at least the final scene of the game. Now yes, you'll be ready to read this sequel!


Who killed Ana? Who requested Ana’s death? Did she really die? What about Lara's father? What did really happen to him? Rise of the Tomb Raider ends up with several loose ends. All of them are clarified and explained now. Something after the game events makes Lara immerse in a new and exciting adventure, where she finds more answers than her own questions. With a surprising ending, this sequel of Rise of the Tomb Raider, a must-read for any fan, promises to close a great trilogy with a golden key.

CHAPTER 1 –  There are secrets out there

- Ana, you said “Another Croft doesn't have to die for this”. What did you mean by that?
- You killed my father, didn’t you? - Lara approached, threatening her stepmother with a revolver.
- Trinity ordered his execution. But... I couldn't do it... - Ana answered, not facing Lara.
- You're lying! - She interrupted.
- I loved him. - She sighed.
It was heard, at that moment, an echoing sniper shot that pierced a bullet in Ana's shoulder.
- NOOO!! - Lara shouted, crouching down.
- It's done. - The sniper reported, far.
- Good. - Someone replied from the radio.
- What about Lara? - He asked.
- No. Not yet...
- Lara... - Ana whispered, powerless and with her hands outstretched.
- Ana! - Lara yelled, standing up.
She tried to help her with some bandages which had left over. She called for help. A helicopter was coming. She was still alive, but unconscious. She had lost some blood.
In the nearest hospital, Ana, awake and lying on the bed, was waiting for a surgery. Lara remained in front of her, standing and quiet. Disappointed, hurt and angry.
- Lara, I...
- Try not to talk. - She interrupted. - For you, not for me.
- There's more to find out. - Ana whispered. - This story hasn't ended yet. It's just starting.
- What do you...
- Las Serpientes Que Caminan. She...
This was her last breath. She rolled her eyes and died. Although she wanted to deny, Lara just regretted for not hearing the rest of the sentence. Her last sentence.
The nurses entered the room and stopped when they saw the dead woman.
- It was too late. There was no time. I'm so sorry, ma'am. - One of them approached.
- We'll take her to the morgue. You will have time to contact a funerary for your mother. - Reported the colleague.
- She's not my mother. I don't know her. - Lara says, wiping away the tears and turning her back.
Two weeks have passed.
- “My dearest Lara,
I often think about how my father would turn over in his grave if he knew the shame I had brought upon our family’s name. Croft. What does it even mean? I just hope you can make your own mark on this world someday. Remember that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.”
- Destroying the source was the right thing to do. - Jonah comforted Lara.
- I still feel like I let him down. - She explained, putting away her father's recording and packing the backpack.
- I think he would’ve made the same choice. - Jonah continued. – Come on. You’ve got a plane to catch.
Lara had listened to his last tape a thousand times. But it was like she was understanding her father's words only now, for the first time. It didn't matter what choices he had made. She had to make her owns. The myth of Kitezh was real. There were secrets out there that could change the world. She needed to find them. Not for her father, not for anyone else. Trinity was still out there, and they were more powerful than she ever imagined. She could stop them. She could make a difference. She could make the right difference.

 CHAPTER 2 – Las Serpientes Que Caminan

Last week Lara had returned to the Croft Manor and started to investigate more about Ana. If, some time ago, there were papers everywhere about Kitezh and the divine source, there are now many more about Lara's stepmother. Loose pages of her diary, letters and documents. Various things pointed to a new adventure, in a very different place from the icy Siberia: Mexico.
Lara found several love letters between her father and Ana. Well, if it was love or not she didn't know. But if it wasn't, Ana played very well the role of a perfect woman. As well as she played the role of a perfect stepmother. But why? At what time had she joined Trinity? At what time had she started to betray her own family? When did Ana become the villain of the story?
Lara realized that the relationship between his father, Richard, and Ana was quite open. They seemed to talk normally about betrayals and other women. It was like a marriage by convenience. In fact, it wasn't even a marriage. That relationship had always been so untrue that there wasn't even an engagement request. As if Ana were there just for the money and Richard only to be able to give his daughter a mother. It was weird. But yes, it was noticed some affection between them. Like they were friends. Good friends.
She found documents and reports of her old consultations with the psychologist. Something similar to the recordings she had found in Siberia.1 How had Ana accessed that? She really seemed to investigate every step of the Croft family.
And what about her last words in the hospital? “Las Serpientes Que Caminan”. Lara knew well what she had talked about. She just didn't know why. Whatever the reason was, her destination was Mexico. So, with the papers about Ana, got together plans and maps.
And there she was now, at the airport, saying goodbye to Jonah.
 - I know you wanted to go with me, but try to understand me. I have already hurt so many people with problems that are just mine. Not this time. This time I'll go by myself. This time everything will be different. - She notified.
 - Yes, Lara. This time everything will be different. This time I will neither insist to go with you nor doubt about what you can do. After what happened in Siberia, I have no doubt that you are more than capable of going alone in this adventure. Even because, you know, I didn't help much last time. - He laughed.
 - Don't say that, Jonah. - She asked. - You helped more than you think. Believe me. Now I really have to go. I'm late for the plane.
 - Good luck! - They hugged each other. - And try to return alive.
 - Don't worry! This time I'm prepared. - She smiled, going away.
 - As if you ever were reckless... – Said Jonah to himself, watching her leave.

The plane left. Lara had just come out of an adventure and she was already getting into another. In Mexico. When she was there for the last time, she had gone to rescue her friend Grim, who had been kidnapped. It was there where she met Leticia, leader of a gang named “Las Serpientes Que Caminan”. And it was there where she found out that Grim wasn't alive. They had used his twin brother as a hostage.2 All for the money. Leticia, that misleading and opportunistic woman. But what would have all this to do with Ana?
She arrived the next morning. She had paid a driver to get her at the airport. Lara gave him the necessary coordinates to find Leticia, hoping that she was still on the same place or at least that someone knew something about her.
They went into the middle of a forest and saw snakes several times. The group's name wasn’t for nothing. Lara was confident, but nothing would be like she was expecting to be and her passage through Mexico would be much shorter than she expected.

1 Reference to the documents from Rise of the Tomb Raider
2 Reference to the HQ #16 (Dark Horse)

CHAPTER 3 – It was all in vain

- You can stop here. I know the way from here. - Lara said to the driver.
- Do you want me to stay here waiting for you? - He asked.
- Yes. I might not take long. - She responded while getting a motorcycle from the back of the van. - I'll just take a walk around here, I’m looking for something.
- Lara rode the motorcycle and sped ahead. It had been some time she didn't drive, but the agility remained the same. She was on the right track. She remembered perfectly that place. Those tree trunks, those waterfalls. She had been there before.1 She could find Leticia's gang again.

Last time Leticia had introduced herself as a thief. More than that, as a known person. She had known Lara's father. In fact, they had a relationship. She was one of those women mentioned in Ana's diary. A lover. Last year she told Lara how she was in love with Richard. How she planned things in her head. And how she had been abandoned when he left.1
Her gang had kidnapped a friend of Lara just because they knew the Croft family. Because they knew the family had money. Because they knew they could make a lot of money with a rescue.1
Lara was coming to the place where the gang used to meet. Well, where they had met the last time. Some buildings could already being seen, but no sign of humans. That's when the shooting started. She was being attacked.
- Don't do that! Stop! I came in peace! - She shouted, while trying to dodge with the motorcycle.
The shots hit the tires and the vehicle began to crawl on the floor. Lara jumped up and put the hands in the air, as a sign of calmness.
- Who are you? What do you want? - A man yelled at the top of a building.
- Wait. I've seen her before. - Another man said.
- Yes, we've already met. - Lara said. - I came here because I need to talk to Leticia. She knows me. I didn't come as a threat, I'm not even armed.
- Go away. Leticia isn't here. - They informed.
- Isn't she here? But... When does she come back? I came here on purpose to...
- She won't return. - He interrupted her.
- She left us. Betrayed us! - Some of them continued. - Now get out of here before we finish you!
- What happened? Where is she? - Lara insisted.
- And why should we help you? - One of them approached, smiling.
- Because you are thieves. - She waved, with a wad of money in her hand. - And you guys like money.
- I see that we are talking exactly as it is supposed to be. - He said, trying to take the money from Lara's hand.
- The information first. - She swerved.
- Alright. Leticia received a proposal that was apparently better than continuing on the street as a thief. - He informed. - She joined another group. An organization. I can’t remember its name, but I think it was...
- Trinity. - She interrupted him.
- Yes! - He shouted. - Exactly! How do you know?
- And where is she now? - Lara frowned.
- She said something about having a mission in Peru. Before she left she was always rubbing in our face the better life she was about to have.
- In Peru. What is she... Which place in Peru?
- We don't know. The mission was secret. In fact, Trinity seems to be a secret group.
- But why was she invited? What does...
- We have already told you what we know. - They interrupted. – Now give us the money.
Lara threw in their direction the promised money and turned back. At that moment, one of the men grabbed her from behind and tried to suffocate her.
- I bet you have more money there! - Another man laughed while he touched her.
That one took a kick, the other one a nudge. She took a knife from her back pocket and tossed it to the throat of one man who was running in her direction with a gun.

1 Reference to the HQ #16 (Dark Horse)

CHAPTER 4 – The Adventure Begins

She yanked the gun from his hand and began the fire fight. She found a refuge behind some ruins and started to eliminate them one by one. When they were all slaughtered, Lara took the liberty to take a look at the buildings where they lived.
There would be, for sure, clues about Trinity’s new agent, Leticia. She couldn't have abandoned the gang and taken everything with her. She had to have left something behind. That place was like a little neighborhood. There were several buildings which served as habitation. The highest one would certainly be the leader’s property.
Right there everything was almost empty. There was plenty of trash, but something drew attention in midst of so much clutter. There was a very old table with a paper over it. It was a letter from Trinity.
“Dear agent,
You were selected for a secret mission next week in the Hayu Marca mountains, Peru.
On Monday morning a helicopter will be ready to take you up to your first mission. Take everything you need, you won't return to Mexico. As agreed, you will live with other agents with all the luxury you are supposed to have. Good luck.
The director.”
 - This seems recent. - Lara thought. - She might still be there! So she's new in Trinity. Did she only join it after what happened in Siberia? I need to find her.
 - You took longer than I expected. - The driver said, watching her returning. - Where is the motorcycle?
 - Well, it’s not... Here is enough money to buy another one. - She offered. - Now take me back to the airport, please.
Back to Croft Manor, Lara told Jonah everything she found out and, when he thought she would finally take a break and rest, she began to prepare everything for a trip to Peru. This time she was more prepared. Armed. She would surely meet several Trinity agents.
She arrived there in the evening. Anaya, a tour guide, was waiting for her near the airport.
 - Listen, I know you may have a tourist program or something, but I urgently need to reach the Hayu Marca mountains. - Lara explained.
 - What? But that's too far, ma'am. - The woman was surprised.
 - We can fuel several times along the way. - She suggested, pulling out a wad of money from the pocket.
 - And what are those guns for? - She asked. - We hadn't combined any of this. I don't like to...
 - As I said, it's an urgent situation. We should just go. - She insisted, pulling out another amount of money from the pocket.
Anaya eventually accepted and several hours later they were reaching the destination. It was dawn. They climbed up the mountain and the jeep stopped for the first time in kilometers. There was no one in sight. Lara got out of the car and looked around. She couldn't see anybody. No sign of Trinity. However, she was there.
 - Get her! - A woman who was lurking far whispered.
Then a smoke bomb appeared and released a disturbing gas. It started to spin. It started to get dark. Everything faded.

CHAPTER 5 – It didn't go well

Lara woke up seated in a chair with her hands tied. She was just in front of her. Right there. Leticia. She was very different from the last time they met each other1. She was wearing makeup, with new clothes. Fully equipped and armed. Her black and frizzy hair was now straight. She had really got a better life. She went from street thief to Trinity agent. But Lara couldn't see her yet. In addition to the tied hands, she had a sack covering her head.
 - You haven't changed anything since the last time we met, Lara1.
 - Leticia? I...
 - Nothing at all. - She interrupted.
 - I didn't remember you being so funny. - Lara continued. - If you're not going to take this sack out of head I talk to you anyway. Ana...
 - Ana what? - She yelled, pulling the sack roughly.
 - You are... different. - Lara was surprised to see her.
 - What are you doing here? - She sat in a chair.
 - I just came here to look for answers, Leticia. I didn't come to declare a war. - She explained.
 - Do you want answers? Very well. Start with the questions.
 - Why did you join the Trinity?
 - Because they invited me.
 - Why did they invite you?
 - Because I know very well the Croft family.
 - And why do they need an agent that knows well the Croft family? - Lara continued.
 - Because your family has always been and still is an obstacle for them. By the way, an obstacle for us.
 - Has the mission that you are in something to do with my family?
 - I'm tired of answering. - Leticia stood up. - Now let's do the opposite. What were you saying about Ana?
 - You must already know that she's dead.
 - Yes, I know. - She smiled.
 - Her last words were “Las Serpientes Que Caminan”. Your gang’s name. - She explained.
 - And you came here to find out what she wanted to say, wasn't it? - Leticia guessed.
 - Yes.
 - Sorry, I don't know how to help you.
 - If she said that, it means that she knew you!
 - Yes, we knew each other. I don't know if you realized already, but Trinity has been always watching you. Watching every step of yours. When you were in Mexico last year they knew about it1. They know everything. Since that time I was ready to join the Trinity. They came here and wanted me on their team. I didn't think twice. I trained my body, my mind. And here I am today.
 - And Ana... - Lara insisted.
 - Ana was already part of Trinity since then. - She continued. - In fact, she was already there for years. Her behavior was like she ruled everybody. She and her brother. But actually I ruled as much as she. And when I met her I didn't hesitate to show her the fact that I got involved with her husband. That's why we always hated each other. Because of your father.
 - And why did Ana talk about you before she died?
 - It's very simple, Lara. She wanted you to find me and to put you against me. Because I've been a lover of Richard. Because I've always been an enemy for her in the Trinity. Because of me being an enemy of yours as well. It's like she wanted to say “I died, but Leticia won't be laughing”.
 - That doesn't make sense. And what about your mission in Peru? What is it? - Lara got angry.
 - Lara, in case you haven't noticed, Trinity is a secret organization. This is a secret mission. You shouldn't even know we're here. How did you find out?
 - I went to Mexico looking for you. There I found a letter from Trinity. - She responded.
 - There's only one way for you to know what we are doing here. - Leticia continued. - Join us. Join Trinity. They always wanted you on their side. And you were always stupid to the point of never accepting it.
 - I... A... I accept.

1 Reference to the HQ #16 (Dark Horse)

CHAPTER 6 – A call with the director

 - Do you accept? - Leticia got surprised.
 - I want to join Trinity, Leticia.
 - If you're just doing this just for me to let you go...
 - I'm not. - She interrupted. - I want to be an agent of Trinity. What do I have to do?
 - You have to... I have to talk to the director. - She explained.
 - Who is the director?
 - You'll find out if you deserve to know.
 - Where is Anaya? - Lara asked.
 - The one who was with you next to the jeep? We let her go. She was useless for us. - She explained.
Leticia called two agents who kept an eye on Lara while she contacted Trinity’s director.
 - I know you from somewhere. - Lara said when she looked at one of them.
 - Think a little bit. I bet you can remember. - He smiled, hanging a pen in his shirt pocket.
 - The nurse! But what did...
 - Very well!
 - What did a Trinity’s agent do as a nurse in a... Wait... I know you! You've stepped into the mansion and stole the book1. It was you! You...

 - I killed Ana. I was the guy who gave her the shot in Siberia. I shot and saw her falling on the ground. Dead, I thought. But then I saw an emergency helicopter and I followed it in Trinity’s helicopter. She had survived the shot, so I ended the service at the hospital. I was dressed as a nurse and injected a drug in her serum. Nice to meet you, my name is...
 - But why? What do you...
 - Why do you think we do the things here at Trinity, Lara? - He interrupted. - Because the director is the boss. He ordered and I did it. That's how it works. It was always like this. It's simple.
 - Get ready. You're going to talk to the director. - Leticia entered the room.
Leticia prepared everything for a video call between Lara and Trinity’s director.
 - Hello, Lara. I heard that you want to join us. To join the Trinity. - He welcomed.
 - Do... do I know you? That voice...
 - You didn't answer me. - He insisted.
 - Yes, I want to join Trinity. But... - She confirmed.
 - And can you explain me why? After everything that happened? - He continued.
 - Because I... I want to have a purpose in my life. - She explained. - I... I think I got obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of the world. And Trinity is the perfect place for me. I can do that, but with all conditions. I...
 - Or do you just want to have more information about us? Am I talking to a future infiltrated? What are your real intentions? Why would we trust you? - The director doubted.
 - No. My intentions are clear. I want to become an agent of Trinity. I think I have what is needed.
 - Are you willing to take a little test? A test to prove that you are on our side.
 - Yes. I do. Any test. Anything. Whatever I need to do. I do. - She agreed.
 - Great. So we'll talk to each other very soon.

1 Reference to Rise of the Tomb Raider

CHAPTER 7 – The test

A few hours later Lara was taken to a Trinity office set up in Peru, near the mountain. She was about to take a test to get into the organization.
 - You said you would do anything, right? - Leticia asked.
 - Yes. - She answered. - Whatever I need to do.
 - Very well. Then good luck. - She wished, opening a door which would lead them to the test.
Lara walked in and saw something that caused her chills. Sam was there. Tied to a chair, crying. At her side was an agent with a thick wooden stake in hand.
 - She's all yours. - He said, throwing the stake to Lara.
 - SAM? - Lara yelled. - How do you... What do...
 - Let me go, motherfuckers! Let me go! - She kicked.
 - Perhaps I can explain what's happening here, Lara. - Leticia approached.
 - I'm waiting.
 - Well, summing up: Sam got out of jail1 and joined Trinity. - She told.
 - She... WHAT? Is she one of you?
 - Yes. At least she was until now. When she got out of prison she was so angry with you that Trinity had to take advantage. One more person close to the Croft family in our team. It was the perfect plan! - Leticia laughed. - She lived with you, she knew everything about you... But now Lara Croft herself wants to join us. We no longer need this annoying Japanese. Now she'll serve only as a test.

- Sam, is this true? - She asked, holding her tears.
 - Lara, I...
 - IS THIS TRUE OR NOT? - She interrupted.
 - It is.
 - How could you? How??
 - Let me explain. - Sam asked. - When I was arrested you didn't care about me. You didn't believe that I was innocent. You didn't pay the bail. You've never been there to visit me. You...
 - Sam, you weren't well. You weren't normal. I didn't pay the bail because I had no money, you know that. I went to visit you once. And you said you never wanted to see me again. And also your doctors didn't like visits... - Lara explained.
 - You promised you would find a way to get me out1. Do you remember? - Sam continued. - You said you would not leave me. At the first opportunity you were traveling. Another adventure, right? While I was rotting away at the prison. Trinity helped me. They took me out of there. I had to join them.
 - I don't want to hear anymore. So what do I have to do in this test? - She asked, raising the stake from the ground.
 - Use this wood and beat her to death. - One of the agents answered.
 - I... I... - Lara stammered. - I... It's going to be easy.
Leticia returned to put the tablet on a table and started a video call with the director. This time he was with the camera off. He would watch the test.
 - Sorry. - Lara whispered as she lifted the weapon.
The first blow was the hardest one. Tears fell from Lara's eyes and blood came out from Sam's nose and mouth. One after another. Lara didn't stop. Everytime she hit her harder. Blood and tears joined screams of rage (Lara) and pain (Sam).

1 Reference to the HQ #18 (Dark Horse)

CHAPTER 8 – I'm part of Trinity

- Enough. - The director ordered.
Lara stopped immediately, still with the wooden stake raised.
- She passed the test. She's on our side. I can see anger in her eyes. - He continued. - Prepare a meeting. She will join the mission in Peru.
The call was disconnected.
- Never appear in front of me again! - Lara asked, drying the tears, while Sam was taken by two agents.
- Would you really kill her? - Leticia asked when they left.
- I... I don't know.
- You seemed to be hitting her with ease.
- Maybe I was. I can't believe she joined Trinity.
- And you just joined, remember?
- Yes. Tell me, Leticia. How long are you part of Trinity?
- As I told you, I was invited since you were in Mexico last year1. I walked around with them to see how everything works. I spent months watching everything. I know a lot. But this is my first mission. It was only now that I definitely left Mexico. - She explained.
- What about Ana? Why did they kill her? She belonged to Trinity. And I already knew it was the director who gave orders to kill her. - Lara continued.
- Maybe I helped a little. I was always making complaints about her. Yes, perhaps it was jealousy for you father. But I hated her. Actually we hated each other. When I knew she had betrayed Trinity I made sure to show I was indignant in front of the director. But she would be punished anyway. - She told.
- But how did she betray you?
- We had a common goal. All of us. To discover the truth about immortality. To keep that secret with us and use it as needed. To dominate the world. But she used the divine source for her own advantage. She and her brother. She wanted to be immortal because she was at death's door. And her brother, Konstantin, wanted to be a leader of an immortal army.
- She never accepted that disease. I always saw her angry because of that liver cancer. But I never thought she would be able to do what she did. - Lara blurted.
- They always deceived Trinity. - Leticia proceeded. - Ana was recruited long ago. She approached your father for interest since the beginning. They met at a conference where he had been humiliated2. He was always humiliated, everywhere. And Ana took advantage of it. She pretended to be a friend. She pretended to be interested in his stories... And she used the marks on her brother's hand to make the director believe that he was the chosen by God. That's how she dragged her brother to Trinity as well2. I still wonder what those marks were in reality.
- One way or another, Ana made my father happy. I couldn't hate her because of it. And I know what those marks were. - Lara said. - Ana gave him those wounds when they were children. She says in her diary that she saved him that way. That she gave him a purpose in life. I think she was always crazy. And with the disease she got worse.
- So that was it! She's who made those marks at him! - Leticia was surprised. - She used that for both to join Trinity. She never deceived me. I'm not worth it, but she's much worse. She was much worse...
- What about this mission in Peru? What is it? - Lara changed the subject.
- We'll have a meeting today about it. You'll find out. But I doubt that you will like the idea.
- Why?
- I can't say anything to you. Then you'll see. Now try to rest. I'll be a friend here. But just as long as you are too. - Leticia informed.
- I'll try to forget who you are. Who you were. What you did. Now we're partners. - She smiled.
Lara broke the smile as Leticia left the place. Lara ran to the phone and contacted Jonah. He had to know what was going on. What had happened. What she had done.

1 Reference to the HQ #16 (Dark Horse)
2Reference to the documents from Rise of the Tomb Raider

CHAPTER 9 – Difficult phone call

-Jonah, I need to tell you something. - She started, when he answered the phone call.
-Lara? Were you crying? What's going on? - He asked, confused.
-I don't know how to tell you this but... I... I joined Trinity. - She told.
-You what? Are you joking? What's going on?
-I'm not kidding, Jonah. - She cried. - I only ask you to trust me, please! I had to tell you this. I joined Trinity.
- But what do...
-I haven't finished yet. - She interrupted, sobbing. - To join it, I had to take a test and I...
-Lara, are you ok?
-They brought Sam. She was with them, Jonah. Sam was with Trinity. They put her here in so fast. They do everything so fast... I couldn't even...
-Sam? Lara, you...
-I had to take the test, Jonah. I had to beat up Sam. I almost killed her, Jonah! - She screamed, awash in tears.
-Lara, what are you saying? - Jonah yelled from the other side. - You're not fine. It’s not making any sense. You...
-Jonah, I just want you to trust me. And to forgive me for anything.
-Enough. This isn't normal. When are you coming back to London? I'll call the psychologist. You need to talk to him again. - He said. - I knew you weren't ready for more thrills. He would tell you the same, I...
-No, Jonah! No... I'm not crazy, if that's what you're thinking! Please don't do anything. Please... I have to hung up, I adore you. And sorry.
-Lara, don't...
She hung up the phone and fell on her knees, with the pain she had done to Sam. With the pain of having joined Trinity. The tears seemed endless. At that moment Leticia came in.
-I see that you're not sure about what you did.
-I am! - She stood up and dried the tears. - But I won't lie. It’s hard to switch sides so fast.
-Recompose yourself. The meeting is about to start. - Leticia informed.
-Already? I thought I could get some sleep before...
-At Trinity there is no time to sleep. Let's go.
-Do you guys organize a meeting room in any country? So fast?
-Meeting rooms, interrogation rooms, kidnapping rooms... Whatever we need. - She informed, while they walked.
-What effective. And who will participate in this meeting? - Lara continued.
-All the agents who are involved in this mission. Don't worry. They aren't many.
-I'm so tired. It’s already 3 p.m. and I haven't slept. - Lara protested.
-I thought you were stronger than that...
They entered a room with a large table full of agents. It would be expected if the director were in the background. But he’s not. Not even his usual tablet was there. It seemed to be only a meeting among agents. Actually, the agents who were already in the mission were going to explain it to their new partner, Lara Croft. They sat down.

CHAPTER 10 – The meeting

-So who will start talking? - One of the agents asked.
-I think I can be the one. Lara already knows me. She might feel more comfortable with me. - Leticia offered herself.
-Go ahead. I don't know why we're all here. - Wouldn't it be enough just to have someone to explain the mission to the girl? - Other said.
-If you have a complaint, talk to the director. - Leticia suggested. – Besides that, Lara isn't any agent. She has everything to be our best agent. She has already defeated many of us. With a simple bow and some arrows, isn't it true? In addition to that, in my opinion any new agent must be presented to the partners of the mission.
-Okay, stop. - So what is this mission and what am I supposed to do? - Lara got angry.
-Lara, we're here to investigate a legend. - Leticia explained. - The legend of Amaru Maru. Have you already heard about it?
-I think that...
-Legend says that when the spanish people invaded Peru and began to steal gold and precious stones from the Inca tribes, a local priest, Amaru Maru, fled from his temple with the help of a “Golden Disc”. Well, somehow he reached the mountains of Hayu Marca.
-That's where we are now. - She interrupted.
-Exactly. It is said that he performed a ritual that made “the gate open and then from it came out an intense blue light”. - She continued. - He entered and left the disk behind. He was never seen again.
-A gate? What do you mean?
-I was about to explain that to you. It would be great if you stop interrupting me. So... The man entered the so-called “Gate of Gods”, well known here in the area. He believed that the gate would lead him to the world of the gods. It's a kind of pit in the middle of the rocks. It really seems like a gate. See it with your eyes. - She asked, placing a photo on the table.

-I've seen it before! - Lara enthused. – Just when I came here, before meeting you! It was...
-Yes, Lara. We have already found it. That’s not the problem. The problem is how to open that gate. We haven't figured it out yet. And you know that legends are based on some version of the truth.
-I learned that the worst way, but...
-That “gate” is too old to have been made by humans. And it has such an unusual shape to be natural, don't you think? There are press reports that say that archeologists, researchers and curious people who visited the place, attracted by legends, said that they had seen lights, tunnels and stars inside the structures and some of them say they have heard “an awkward music”.
-Those statements can't be taken seriously. - Lara said.
-We agree with you. But they are nonetheless interesting. - Leticia finished.
-Very well. And why do you want to open that gate? Just to have the mystery unraveled?
-That's the best part, Lara! - Leticia smiled. - Trinity believes that gate won't lead to the world of gods. That gate can be used for time travel. We did several surveys. Some say that you can get into the gate thinking about a specific date and then you travel in time. Past or future.
-And why does Trinity want to travel in time? - Lara insisted.
-We read that the gate only works once every 500 years. And it only works before it’s night, for some reason. We believe that no one even managed to open it after that priest. - An agent informed. – In other words, we just have one chance. Everything must go as planned. Because none of us will live 500 years to make a second attempt.
-But what are you talking about? What do you intend with it? - Lara was confused.
-But isn't it obvious, Lara? We want to open the gate of gods to go back in time and recover the divine source. - Leticia laughed.

CHAPTER 11 – Let's do it

-What?? - She almost choked.
-Lara, Trinity spent years searching for the divine source. You didn't think we were going to give up so easily, did you? - She continued.
-But how are you thinking about going back in time? And when? - She was confused.
-Any date before you have broken the source fits, don't you think? We can even come back years ago and recover the lost time. Now we know where the source has always been. And if we go back long enough you would be just a child and you could never stop us. - Leticia explained. - By the way, you're not thinking about destroying the source again, aren't you?
-This time I'm on your side. We can go back just 3 weeks ago. - Lara suggested.
-As we told you, we just have a chance. Well, the meeting ended. Get back to your roles. I'll explain to Lara what she should do. - Leticia ended.
-You said that Ana and Konstantin thought they ordered but it feels like you're doing the same. - Lara whispered.
-Well, to be honest, the director elected some agents as mission leaders. Ana and Konstantin led in Siberia. I took the liberty of ordering a little here, since no one elected any leader.
Lara and Leticia were alone in the meeting room.
-When will I meet the director? - Lara asked. - I had the strangest feeling when I heard his voice. It was like...
-Meet him in person? - Leticia interrupted. - More than a half of us have never met him. He controls everything, but far away from here.
-It doesn't have to be in person. When am I going to see his face? I know that voice... I'm sure... He tried to hide, but...
-I don't know that. Some of us never saw him. He rarely leaves the place he is at. - She explained.
-And have you already seen him? - She insisted. - And where is he? And why does he rarely come out?
-You're very curious, Lara. Well, as you are now one of us I can answer you everything. Almost everything. Yes, I've already seen him. And he's away. Far away... In Trinity's headquarters. All roads lead to Rome, Lara. He controls everything from the Vatican2.
-And how does he look like? Does he...
-I think that those are too much questions. - Leticia interrupted. - You'll have an answer for everything when it gets the right time. Now we must concern ourselves with the mission, don't you think?
-This mission... I went through lots of situations in Siberia to prevent Trinity from reaching the divine source... And now I'm here, on their side, trying to get it back...
-I understand what you're feeling. It's weird. Well, now I'll study and research more about the legend of such gate of the gods. They want more files, more information. Any detail can be a big clue. You should do the same.
-I'll do that. Won't you give me a tablet, a computer or something? - She asks.
-Of course. Come with me, we have a research room nearby.
-I just wanted to sleep!
-When we're done you'll take time.
A few hours passed.
-I can't stand it anymore! - Lara protested.
-What’s going on? - An agent from the next desk asked.
-I'm tired of being locked here searching. Every website, every book, every article. Each one with a different version of the legend... We have the reason of this legend here on the doorstep. Can I take a look on that gate? Or  does my role boil down to stay here?
-I think there's no problem. But go armed. - He advised.
-Why armed? What is...
-Let's say that natives aren't very happy with our presence here. This is almost sacred to them. And we are already doing interrogations around. And maybe one or another torture.
-What? You're not thinking I'm going to kill the natives, do you? I... I'm going out there. - She said.
Lara grabbed her bow and a gun and left the office. Clean air outside. She started climbing up the mountain to better observe the “gate of the gods”. Trinity was spreading panic and terror in the vicinity. Kidnappings, interrogations, tortures, deaths... All this for the slightest clue. Lara was, on the other hand, about to take the first step to discover another secret of the world.

2Reference to the documents from Rise of the Tomb Raider

CHAPTER 12 – The golden key

Up there were some agents inspecting the place. Lara quietly put herself among them and approached the gate. She had no vision or hallucination, as some statements said.
-So, have you found something? - She asked.
-We found a symbol back there. Come, I'll show you. - One of them answered.
-This is Incan writing! - She said looking at the symbols on the stone. - It can be a clue! Have you already tried...
-We have already questioned some natives about it. They don't seem they want to help. - He informed.
-I'll try something.
-Try what? - Leticia appeared.
-Leticia? I will... Do you remember the tour guide who brought me here? I'll try to get her to translate this symbol. - Lara explained.
-Very well. It's good to see you wanting to help.
Lara pulled away a little. She still had Anaya's contact, the tour guide. She initiated a call.
-Anaya? It's Lara. I want to apologize for what happened on the mountain. I hope you're fine.
-Lara? Why did you call me? I want nothing with you! You messed with dangerous people! I put my life at risk! - She was lifted.
-No! Wait, don't hang up! - Lara asked.
-That group settled in there is scaring everyone and everything. They are armed, threatening people. I've heard stories of people who were kidnapped, tortured and even killed! Please pretend you never saw me! - She continued.
-Wait! I know how to get them out of here once and for all. But I need your help.
-You're with them! You want information like them! You're just one more!
-No, I'm not with them! And yes, I want information. But I won't threaten or torture anyone for it. - Lara explained. - Listen to me! I know how to make them go away. I just need you to tell me what you know about the “gate of the gods”.
-Lara, those mountains aren't part of any of my tour programs. I'm sorry.
-But they don't need to be! Everyone here should know that legend. Please tell me you know how to read the Incan script!
-I don't live there, remember? You paid me to take you there.
-But you live in Peru! You must know how to read a few Incan words, don’t you? Or at least know what they mean in some monuments.
-Yes, Lara. I know. Say what you want. Quick. - She asked.
-What is written near the “gate of the gods” in the stone? -  Lara asked.
-Ah, that description is famous. It means “Golden Key”. That's what's written. No one knows why. Now leave me alone and get these people out of there!
-Golden key? But... Anaya? Anaya??
-So, did you get something? - Leticia appeared, when Lara diverted the phone from the ear.
-Leticia? You just appear to me by surprise. She... No! She didn't... She didn't know anything about any symbol here in the mountains. And I insisted a lot...

CHAPTER 13 - Daydreams

-What a pity.
-Let me ask you a question. Don't you stipulate shifts or schedules? I'm tired, I want to sleep. - Lara protested.
-You really haven't slept for a long time. No one can unravel mysteries sleepy, isn't it? Go to the dormitories and sleep. It's simple.
-Dormitories? You literally are installed everywhere. - She was surprised.
Lara didn't think twice and went down the mountain, towards the dorms. She laid down on a mattress and fell asleep almost instantly.
-Lara... – It was whispered.
-Lara, wake up.
She woke up. She was no longer in Trinity’s dormitories. Now she was at Croft Manor. She heard voices, sounds and strange noises.
-Lara... - They called.
The Trinity's symbol appeared everywhere. On the walls, windows, ceilings, everywhere.
-I... I accept. - She heard herself.
-What's happening? - She was confused.
While walking the halls of the mansion she saw sheets flying. Documents and pages of Ana's diary. The windows opened and closed. The doors creaked.
A phone began ringing. It rang in a continuously and disturbing way. Her head was hurting. Everything was spinning around.
-You're not well... well... well... - She heard.
-I'll call the psychologist. You need to talk with him again... again... again... - It echoed in the distance.
-I knew you weren't ready for more thrills... - It continued.
-Jonah?? - She called.
-He would tell you the same...

-Someday... You will understand... - Other voice whispered.
-What... No... I... I must be...
-You promised you'd find a way to get me out of there... - Other screamed.
-You said you'd not leave me... me... me...
-At the first opportunity you were traveling. Another adventure, right? Right??...
-Trinity helped me. In return I just had to join them... join them... join them... - It echoed.
Suddenly everything became blue. Everything glowed. It was the divine source.  It was there.
-Ana, no!!
-Trinity ordered his execution... execution... execution...
-You didn't kill my father, did you? - She heard herself.
-Lara? I just want you to know that in the short time we were together, I loved you. - The sweetest voice of them all said1.
-MOM?? No... It can't be... I...
-It was because of the death of your mother that I started researching about the origin of life... life... life...1
-Dad? I... What...
-Amelia... - They whispered.
A noise was heard. The divine source had been broken. Lara broke it.
-In all my years, I met few people as extraordinary as you... you...
-Remember that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are...
-When you're ready, open your eyes...2
-You said the flashbacks have stopped...2
-We become who we're meant to be... be... be...
All voices were getting lower, more distant. The walls of the mansion were gone and everything was dark. Lara woke up with leap, completely sweaty.
-You were screaming. - Leticia, who was watching her, said, cross-armed, in the corner of the bed.
-What did I scream? - Lara was startled.
-Nothing that harms you, so far.
-What time is it? How long have I been asleep? I...
-You slept the rest of yesterday afternoon and all night. Now it's morning. You have to go back to work. - She explained.
-Of course. I'm ready. I just need a shower and...
-I have some bad news for you. We don't have shower.
-You have dormitories, meeting rooms, interrogations rooms, offices and you don't have a simple bathroom? - She was surprised.
-We're taking longer than expected here, Lara. This shouldn't be taking so long. That's why we have to go back to work. But I have good news. You won't have to use that dirty clothes. You have the uniforms of Trinity there. - Leticia pointed. - Hurry up. You have canned food in those drawers for breakfast. But don't abuse, it has to last.
Already dressed, equipped and fed, Lara went back up the mountain, to continue the work of the previous day. To the equipment provided by Trinity she joined her classic bow and axe.

1Reference to the documents from Rise of the Tomb Raider
2Reference to the announcement trailer of Rise of the Tomb Raider (with the psychologist)

CHAPTER 14 – The temple

-Something is failing. - The agents wreaked. – Something might be escaping us in this legend...
-I've been thinking about something. - Lara arrived. - The only thing missing in the middle of all the legend and that appears in all the versions. The “Golden Disc”.
-The disc? And how did you come to that conclusion?
-Those symbols on the stone. They mean “golden key”. The disc must be the key of the gate of the gods. - Lara explained.
-But how do...
-The Spaniards took everything with the invasion. The disc was the only thing left to the Incas because it was here in the mountains. The golden disc became their only treasure. I believe they kept it in the temple of the priest to protect it. - She continued.
-And where is that temple? - Leticia appeared.
-I did some research and I found something that fits perfectly in the stories. A temple in Machu Picchu. I can go there to investigate. I just need a helicopter and...
-Do you really think you're going alone? I will prepare a team and a pilot to go with you. I hope it's worth it. I hope that disc is there.
-I can do this by myself. I... I'm used to work alone. - She insisted.
-Lara, Trinity doesn't trust you enough. I'm sorry.
A short time later Lara was already in a helicopter bound for Machu Picchu. Apart from the pilot, there were two Trinity’s agents. If they find something important, they had orders to warn the rest of the agents.
-I think it's that! - Lara pointed when saw an Inca temple.

All vegetation around was flying with the landing of the helicopter. The temple was there, imposing, waiting for them. The pilot stayed behind. Lara and the two agents went up the construction completely stunned with its beauty. There was no one nearby. At the top they didn't find any entrance. It was completely sealed.
-Glad we brought explosives. - One of them smiled.
-What? Are we going to blast the entrance? But...
-Any better idea, Lara?
They set up the explosives and moved away. It opened up a doorway. The temple was now unstable due to the explosion. When they entered, on the top, they were caught in a trap. The ground opened and the three fell. Lara, in the middle of the fall, managed to throw her grappling hook axe and saved herself.
She looked down. The “partners” were dead. It was a high height. She was descending slowly with the rope, until it couldn't stretch any longer. She dropped the axe and fell from a relatively high height. She rolled at the impact on the ground. There she was. In the temple of the priest. There was a hallway in front of her. There was the golden disk. It was hard to believe that another legend in the world was real.
-Here speaks the director. Did you find the temple? - A voice came over the radio.
The sound came from the belt of one of the agents. Lara grabbed the radio. She opened the mouth in a moment, but she had another idea. She took the bag they brought and rummaged through it. She pulled out a Tablet. It was with a cracked screen, but it worked. She could be about to discover something important.
-Is everything alright? Is anyone there? Respond! - He called.
The more she heard the voice of the director more she was sure she knew him. She switched on the Tablet, and of course, it asked for the password. It had to be the same password of the computer that they had given to her to search. It only could. She tried. “New World”.
-Something's wrong. The radios must be ruined. - The director continued.
The Tablet is unlocked. Before she had time to see anything, she received a video call. It was the director. Lara was about to find out his identity. Who was behind Trinity. She turned off the camera and answered the call.
-Finally. So, how is the mission?
Lara was completely incubated. Static. Impossible. Her eyes could only be betraying her. How could he be the director? The director of Trinity? During all this time?
-Why am I not seeing you? Switch on the camera! - He ordered. - What's going on?

CHAPTER 15 – It was always him

It was always him. In Yamatai2, Syria, Mexico. Everywhere. Wherever Lara was. In the consultations, the sessions. It was him. The psychologist. The person to whom she exposed her traumas. With whom she blurted. A person who she told all her life to. A person who has gone to her house. A person who had helped her. It was because of this that Trinity had so much information about her life. This explains the origin of the recordings she had found in Siberia.1 The origin of Ana's comments.1 Now it makes sense. It seemed that everyone around her was merely infiltrates and belonged to Trinity. How many friends have Lara really had?
-Shit, what's going on? Answer! - He insisted.
Lara remained in shock. Silent. She didn't move until the director disconnected the call. How was it possible? Once more she felt cheated. Used. Common feelings in recent times. In what has become her life after the accident in Japan?2

All those therapies. They hadn't been true consultations. They had been interviews. Surveys. With the only purpose to understand better Lara's life. Incidentally, the psychologist had attempt to influence her several times. Ana followed everything closely. Always hidden. They tried to put away Lara from Jonah. They encouraged her to continue his father's research. To lead Trinity to the divine source.1
She tried to compose herself. She stood and looked on. Nothing could separate her from that golden disc that was at a distance of a corridor. She took a half step and everything shook. The corridor in front of her began to tighten. The walls were closing.
Lara ran as fast as she could to the disc. She grabbed it. It was heavy. Bigger than she thought. The walls were about to crush her. And in a matter of seconds that didn’t happen. Or less. Her hair was almost between the walls, so lucky she was.
And there it was. The disc. Now there was another problem. How to get out of there? Lara was practically buried at that temple. The only way out was the entrance they had busted at the top. The grapple axe would never reach that height.
Lara had no choice. She threw a grenade near a pillar and took shelter behind some ruins. The blast put the pillar down and she could climb it. She saw, in the midst of so much dust, a chink of light. A weaker wall was already cracking. The temple was about to collapse. She had to leave. She grabbed her axe and started to break an exit.
When she had opened a large enough passage, she threw herself outside and went down the stairs that led her to land. She could feel the ground shaking. The structure falling inside.
She ran to the helicopter and explained the death of the two agents. They took flight to the mountains, to finally open the gate of the gods, go back in time and recover the divine source. At least that was the plan of Trinity.

1Reference to the documents from Rise of the Tomb Raider
2Reference to the first game (Tomb Raider 2013)

CHAPTER 16 – Get out of my way

They landed on the mountain base.
-This is it. - Lara said, approaching the front of the helicopter and looking out.
-What? - The pilot asked.
Before he could say another word, Lara crossed her knife in his throat.
-Why doesn't the team sent to the temple respond me? - The director yelled via radio.
-They don't respond you because they're dead! - Lara yelled to the radio.
-Lara? What the...
-I know who you are! And you'll pay for everything! - She warned, throwing the radio out of the window.
Then, she looked menacingly to the top of the mountain. She grabbed her bow and began to go up. Up there, there were several agents policing the place. Lara was determined to eliminate anyone between her and that gate.
She pulled an arrow from her quiver and killed one of them. Before the colleague next to him could realize what had happened he has already been pierced by another arrow. A third man saw the bodies and called for help. They all began to look for an enemy. Lara didn't have any kind of hiding. It wouldn't take long to find her. She couldn't pretend to be an ally. She was the only one with a bow there. And even if she could, there were still four agents to kill. There was no time for conversation.
She could surprise one of them from behind, killing him with the knife. It was then that the remaining ones located her. The shots began. Before the man with the knife in the neck fell to the ground, Lara pulled him and took cover behind him. She took the gun from the holster, and now with two pistols, she could kill another one. She ran out of ammunition before she could go further. There remained two.
Lara kicked her shield, putting the bloody knife away, and ran towards them. She threw her grapple axe to one of them, who was pulled by the leg, serving as a pothole to the other, who fell to the ground. When he arose, he took a stab in the eye. The last one didn't last. A blow with the axe on his back brought his end.
Panting, she started to go down the mountain to fetch the golden disc, which she had left on the helicopter.
-Is this what you're look for? - Leticia smiled, going up the mountain, with the disc in hands.
Lara pointed her the gun, even if unloaded.
-What are all these bodies, Lara? Were you playing the shootings? - Leticia continued, ironic, observing the top of the mountain.
-Give me the disc! - Lara yelled.
-Why? You're just another agent of Trinity, isn't it? The only thing you want is the same as all of us, right? To retrieve the divine source. Or was your plan another?
-My plan was another. My plan is another. And I bet yours too.
-It is. It seems that we both have betrayed the Trinity. But we have a little problem. Our plans are different. And mine will be the one to be implemented. - Leticia got angry.
-Tell me, Leticia. Why do you want to go back in time? What...
-Me? Who said I wanted to go back in time? Lara, I'm better than ever. I live now in the best conditions, when I'm not on the field, of course. And even during missions I live better than I used to live in Mexico as a thief. I don't want to use the gate of the gods. I want to make sure that no one uses it. - She explained. - So that no one goes back in time. Because if they get back I may never be invited to Trinity. And that can't happen.
-So your plan is...
-To destroy the disc. - She interrupted. - Without it no one can use the gate.
-And how will you destroy it? How do you want to do it without Trinity realizing your betrayal?
-You're right. You gave me a great idea. How didn't I think of it before? I just have to use the gate. I can go back in time to yesterday. The gate works only once every 500 years. It's brilliant! - Leticia laughed. - And the best of this all is that no one will suspect anything. Neither you'll remember our conversation. They will only try to open the gate, and when nothing happens, they will find that it was just a false legend. It's the perfect plan! Thanks to you.
-What makes you believe that this isn't just a false legend? - Lara insisted.
-An artifact that granted eternal life to all who looked at it was real. Wouldn’t a simple time travel that only works once every 500 years be? Of course the legend is true. And if it’s not, I won't even need to do anything. I'll continue in Trinity.
-That disc is mine! - Lara yelled, running and grabbing the disc, catching Leticia unprepared.

CHAPTER 17 – My plan

They were both grabbing the golden disc, the key to the gate of the gods. One on each side. The two pulled it with all their strength. Lara reversed the direction of the force her made and the artifact went to Leticia's face. She fell to the ground and shot in Lara's arm. She got up and, when she was about to reach the disc, Lara kicked it away and gave her a side punch. Before she could defend, Leticia took another punch, this time on the chin. Without having time to fall to the ground, she still suffered a kick in the stomach, which hampered her breathing.
A hand grabbed the disc. But it was neither Leticia’s nor Lara’s. That hand lifted the disc and it was heard:
-Is it what you are fighting for?
The other hand held a pistol, pointed at Lara. It was her. Sam. She was there. She had the disc. It was all in her hands.
-You lost, Lara. Sam was never out of Trinity. - Leticia laughed, malevolently. - She has always been with us. After the test we didn't send her away. She just got... preserved.
-Now give me the disc! - Leticia reached out, smiling grimly.
-Yes, I'm still part of Trinity... But I don't want to be anymore. - Sam said, changing the target and pulling the trigger.
A bullet pierced Leticia's forehead. The smile broke up. The hand dropped. The eyes rolled up and her knees began to go down. She fell dead on the floor, in the middle of a pool of blood.
-I thought I said I never wanted to see you again. - Lara said, lowering the gun.
-I realized what your plan was since the beginning. - Sam smiled.
-And what was my plan? - She doubted.
-You went to Trinity to learn more about your father. About his death. About the betrayal of Ana. About everything. Am I right?
-But your plan changed. - She continued. - When you knew that Trinity was looking for a way to travel back in time. You wanted to find that way first. You want to go back in time to the day your father died. To find out what really happened. Am I right?
-How shall I say... Yes.
-After all I still know you well, Lara. - Sam smiled.
-Don't think that I did that test only for my plan. I really wanted to kill you. And I still want to.
-Kill me! What do we have to lose? I'll be left to die here in Peru. I am sure. Kill me!
-Kill you why? I'm going back in time. All I am going to do now will cease to have happened. - Lara explained.
-Tell me, Lara. You just want to see what happened that day? Or do you want to try to change something?
-I... I just want answers. I won't change anything. I just want to find the truth. Just that. I'm well aware that changing the past can have serious consequences in the future. In the present.
-I think you'll need this. - She approached, reaching out with the golden disc.
-I... Thank you. - She grabbed the disc.
-So, how do we open this gate? - Sam asked.
-The legend says that the gate only works at daylight. But why? It might have something to do with the sun. - She thought, walking to the gate.
Lara positioned the disc so that the sun was reflected on it. Then she pointed the reflection to the gate. She began to hear a song. A quite soft song. The ground began to shake. The sun's reflection went blue and the gate started to get the same color. It came out a bright light. Nothing could be seen inside. Smoke came out from there. It also came a smell. It was her father's cologne. She was sure.
At that moment some agents of Trinity came out, the ones who had heard gunshots. With the guns pointed at Lara and Sam they asked what had happened. Who had killed all those men?
-It was me!! - Sam accused herself, raising her hands. - I killed them.
They didn't hesitate to kill her.
-Sorry. - Lara whispered.
-Dad? - It was heard, from inside the gate, the voice of Lara as a child.

CHAPTER 18 – The day my father died

Lara looked at the agents and ran into the gate, losing herself in the fog. There she couldn't see anything. She looked back and saw the gate of the gods closing. She tried to think about her father with all her strength. She just had a chance.
She continued to move forward, blindly. Everything started to get dark. The fog was getting black. The music was disappearing. It began to emerge a hallway. A long hallway. She was in the mansion. In the hall was the unmistakable door of Richard's office. Her father's office.
Lara, with goosebumps, approached slowly. When she reached out to pull the door handle, the door opened by itself. The two doors, actually. There he was, in the back. Sitting in the chair like ever. In the desk like ever. And on the table was the newspaper that called him crazy.
The door behind Lara closed. The walls were moving. As if they were false or visions. It was dark there. As in a horror movie. He raised his head. He looked her up and down. He got up and closed his eyes, as if he couldn’t see well.
-Who are you? - He asked.
-You... Can you see me? - Lara asked, letting out the first tear.
-I think so. But... Lara? Is that you? - He was confused, approaching.
-No! Please don't touch me. - She cried. - Pretend I'm not here! Please continue to...
-I... I might not be seeing well. How do... Ana? - He called. - Can you come here?
-No! - Lara asked, washed in tears. - Don't change anything, dad. Just... Continue what you were doing. I... I'm not here... I...
-You're not. Of course... Of course you're not. - He walked away.
-Of course I'm seeing things. This newspaper is right. - Richard fumed, throwing the newspaper toward Lara.

-No. Please stop it. - She returned the newspaper. - You can't change anything. Trust me, pretend I'm not here. I am... I am a vision.
-A vision. - He smiled. - And what a beautiful vision. You're just like your mother, Lara. How you've grown...
-Please, stop it. - She cleaned her tears.
-See the point you came to, Richard. - He spoke alone. - Seeing your daughter 9 years old and adult on the same day. You came to the point of hallucinating.
-They were right when they said I was crazy. All of them! This newspaper is right. - He threw the newspaper to the floor.
-No. That's not true! Stop...
-I'm talking to an illusion. - He sat down.
-I'm really crazy. - He took, from a drawer, a pistol. - I'm really crazy.
-Dad? What the...
-Let's see if you are real. - He pointed the gun at Lara.
-No! Don't do this. Please! - She walked away, scared.
-Wait... Let's see if I AM real! - He smiled, aiming the gun to his head.
-NO! YOU CAN'T! NOOO! - Lara screamed.

The trigger was pulled. The sound of a gunshot penetrated Lara's heart. She closed the eyes. She didn't want to see. She couldn't see. Impossible. She had killed her own father.
-Dad? - It was heard, from outside, the voice of the 9-year-old Lara.

CHAPTER 19 – The final

Lara began to hyperventilate and to get dizzy.
-Dad? Is everything alright? - Lara child continued.
Her hands began to disappear. When the child entered the room, the adult was no longer there. Lara returned going through the same hallway with fog and back there was, once again, her father's office. She entered. There were papers about the divine source everywhere. She had come to the present. Or the future... She had arrived from the adventure in Siberia now. She could remember everything. Peru, time travel... But not everything was the same.
A new reality had just been created. A reality where she never looked for Leticia in Mexico, where she never joined Trinity. A reality where Leticia and Sam were still alive. Where the director of Trinity, the psychologist, was still a secret. Where Sam was on the other side. On their side. She was with Trinity.
The Yamatai1 and Siberia2 events had occurred much the same way. Ana was dead. Trinity was at this time in Peru, searching for a way to recover the divine source. And now it only could be used 500 years from now.
The most important difference of this new reality: no one killed Lara's father. In this new reality Richard had committed suicide by seeing her adult. By finding himself insane. In this reality there was no killer around. In the new reality he had died by Lara's fault. It had become impossible to find out what really happened that day. Because that day had been changed. The day of the death of her father. Now there was nothing to find out. The other death had never happened...
She couldn't keep this secret with her. She needed Jonah. They agreed to meet in the mansion. Lara told everything. It could be seen in his face that he wasn't understanding anything. But at least she had told someone.
-You're telling me that your father killed himself because you travelled in time and therefore you can't ever find out who killed him in another reality because you created this new reality where he killed himself because...
-Yes, Jonah. Yes... That's right. It's confusing, but you understood. - Lara wiped the tears.
-And Sam is with Trinity. I can't believe that... - He continued.
-Me neither. - She interrupted. - In Mexico. She... Jonah, at this time she's an enemy. But I know she's still on my side. I saw in her eyes. I...
-This is all very awkward, Lara... What...
-Do you know what I learned? I can't change the past. Only the future. - She explained.
-What about the director? Are you thinking of doing something to him?
-I... Jonah... No game is fun without opposition. The adventures need danger! And I have the advantage of knowing who he is without he even suspect.

1Reference to the first game (Tomb Raider 2013)
2Reference to the Rise of the Tomb Raider


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